Stunning SCOTUS decision has Dems reeling


The Supreme Court will take up a Mississippi case that directly aims at overturning Roe vs. Wade, the abortion dictum.

“The Supreme Court on Monday set December 1 arguments on Mississippi’s ban on abortion after 15 weeks of pregnancy — a direct challenge to Roe vs. Wade,” reports Politico.

“In taking the Mississippi case, the Supreme Court’s conservative supermajority clearly signaled its openness to revisit and potentially overturn the landmark 1973 decision that legalized abortion nationwide, with a ruling expected next year. Justices said they want to hear arguments on whether all bans on abortion before a fetus can survive outside the womb are unconstitutional.

“Earlier this summer, Mississippi petitioned the court to overturn Roe, contradicting the state’s previous argument that it could uphold the 15-week ban without touching the nearly 50-year-old precedent.

Signs of Things to Come?

Recently, the Court allowed the Texas Heartbeat Act to go into effect on procedural grounds only, not on the law itself.

The law bans abortion after a heartbeat is detected in an unborn baby (at about 6 weeks). It also allows lawsuits against doctors who abort babies in violation of the law. The first lawsuit has already been filed.

Justice Roberts is voting with the far-left justices these days and did vote with them on the Texas law. However, originalists Amy Coney Barrett, Brett Kavanaugh, Samuel Alito, Neil Gorsuch, and Clarence Thomas could vote to overturn the law with a ruling in the Mississippi case.

Such a ruling would not preclude each state from making its own laws.

Actually, it belongs to the states. Killing babies should not be part of a Constitution. Democrats, especially Planned Parenthood, are preparing their briefs and see it as Armaggedon.

The USA should go back to having some regard for human life.

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Rowdy Yates
Rowdy Yates
2 years ago

Just watched amazing video from veteran (10+ years) funeral director from the UK regarding the COV-LARP.
He says the numbers are inflated, fake and that nursing homes are death camps but we knew that already.
The Luciferian leftists hate all life because we are not them.
CCP Pelosi will get busy with SCOTUS stacking if they start doing something right, maybe someone reminded them of their pending irrelevance?

2 years ago

I don’t think this is a function of the Federal Government to a point. Abortion after viability is murder, cut and dry. The States should regulate the laws up to viability based on the values of the State. Here in Mississippi, people are very religious and a majority probably feel that Life starts at birth – that should be for the People of the State to determine. Texas indicating that a heartbeat is life is also reasonable. I’m a Libertarian, and believe that Natural Viability should be the limit and both the Mother and the Biological Father must agree and file a court document indicating that they both agree. Abortion should not be as easy as canceling your Cable Service.