Biden & Newsom Are Responsible for Filthy San Diego Beaches


The San Diego Union Tribune Editorial Board reports San Diego’s beaches are a “long-running environmental nightmare.” They are filthy. Joe Biden and Gavin Newsom are accused of causing the nightmare.

The report in part:

By any objective standard, the southern coast of San Diego County is enduring a long-running environmental nightmare. Decades of billions of gallons of untreated human waste flowing north from broken sewage infrastructure in Tijuana have sickened a vast number of surfers and swimmers and many Navy SEALs training at Coronado.

Especially because of ailments reported by border agents, some doctors worry that the health threat goes far beyond active ocean users to include those who spend extended time in coastal areas and breathe air that often smells like a filthy portable toilet.

Now there is fresh confirmation of how uniquely awful this problem is. The Surfrider Foundation has released a report on 567 sites in which it tested water for unsafe bacteria levels and found Imperial Beach — which has been closed for more than two years — had far and away the dirtiest water in the United States. Every single water sample from the beach was found to be unsafe. T

he next worst U.S. beach had a little more than half its samples with excessive bacteria. This finding was no surprise, given previous studies showing heavy metals, toxic chemicals and bacteria in sewage from south of the border. In 2017 alone — when sewage spills were common but not nearly as severe as in recent years —  34,000 illnesses were linked to local water pollution, according to a Scripps Institution of Oceanography study. …

Congress allocated at least $400 million to fix spills, but Joe Biden and Gov. Gavin Newsom won’t declare the beach crisis and emergency and clear the way for expedited federal action. The legislature doesn’t care, either. California is a one-party state. There is no one to challenge them. They can do whatever they want.

Biden and Newsom spend a lot of time promoting climate change ideology as an excuse for everything, but it looks like they are responsible for more damage to the beaches than climate change ever could.

A story I published years ago claimed the cartels were deliberately unleashing the filth into the US. That should be addressed also.

Here is Newsom talking about fake rain bombs:

As World War III threatens, Biden claims climate change is a worse threat than nuclear war. Apparently, the beaches buried in human waste aren’t a problem.

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