Biden nominee: SEIZE US banks & government ‘PARTNERS’ with all private firms


The $3.5 trillion Biden-Bernie bill gives the government the right to look at all transactions over $600. That takes in 99% of the people using banks in this country.

They want much more than just the right to look at and potentially seize your funds. Democrats want all private companies under their control.

Biden nominated a communist to run the office of currency.


Soviet-born Saule Omarova has said she wants to “end banking as we know it.” She was tapped by the Biden admin to run the Office of the Comptroller of the Currency. She received her undergraduate degree at Moscow State University and immigrated to the US in 1991, two years after graduating in Moscow. She admires the USSR economy.

Her term paper was titled, “Karl Marx’s Economic Analysis and Theory of Revolution in The Capital.” She scrubbed it from her resumé.

The Cornell Law School professor is sharply anti-Wall Street – in place of stricter oversight, she also desires private sector banking to be put under the auspices of the Federal Reserve.


Omarova wants a federal agency called the National Investment Authority. It is as Orwellian as it sounds. The agency would “manage public stakes in bailed-out private firms.” What she is saying is any firm that takes government bailout money could be taken over by the federal government by this ‘Authority.’ All the companies that took government money over COV would be taken over. This is communism — Soviet communism.

Her goal will be to overturn capitalism and federalize all banks in the United States. She hates capitalism, wants to wipe out private banking and have everyone put their money in the federal reserve. That would leave all our money at their mercy. The government would know every dime we have.


In her world, the government would act as a “sovereign asset manager, venture capitalist, lender, insurer, equity holder, business partner.” If the government deems your business not ‘socially beneficial’, the government will have the power over that business.

Biden’s $3.5T bill allows the hiring of about 85,000 IRS agents to hunt down ‘criminals’ like conservatives. They’ve already hunted down conservatives. The IRS is the “most easily weaponized agency in government,” as Stinchfield says. He adds that the “best way to control all of you is to control your money.”

Currently, the IRS can seize your funds and you have to prove your innocence.


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Diver Dan
Diver Dan
2 years ago

Let them start with the private bank seizure that matters the most: The Federal Reserve. That way Americans won’t have to pay compounded interest to a foreign interest group. Somehow, I think they will manage to overlook this 8 million pound gorilla in the room.

2 years ago

What she is saying is any firm that takes government bailout money could be taken over by the federal government by this ‘Authority.’
Obama already did this in 2008. Remember what he did to the automakers and banks. Many car brands are gone and many banks were closed.

2 years ago

The GOP does NOTHING to thwart the Democrat plans to destroy this country. Paul…Jordan…and sometimes Cruz pipe-up and make a little noise but that’s the end of it. We have a few representatives who complain a little but we have NO representatives who are willing to go to war with Democrats to stop this slo-mo yet (seemingly) unavoidable crash into Marxism and tyranny. What goes on here, GOP!?

Egalitarian Poop Emoji
Egalitarian Poop Emoji
2 years ago

That way we can all be equal and the same?
When will comrade kommissarina Omarova redistribute her capitalist pig wealth for the good of the glorious unity collective?
Will the minting of the trillion dollar coins commence so that the debt can be solved? (LMFAO!)
It is in your face now as the CPUSA thinks that they have it all wrapped up with the perfect plandemic and Dominion mail-in ballots courtesy of the USPS.
You can smell the stench ridden repurposed mittens of comrade kommissar Barnie Sandlers from here.
BTW-How was he allowed to go to the CCCP during the latter days of the Cold War?