Biden Offers to Show Our New Nuke Bomb to China and Russia


B-61 Nuclear bomb

The U.S. Defense Department on Friday announced the government is moving forward with developing a new version of the B61 nuclear gravity bomb. It’s not a hydrogen bomb, but it is a tactical nuclear weapon.

The bomb, designated B61-13, would have a yield similar to the B61-7 and replace some of those older gravity bombs, the Pentagon said in its announcement. The B61-7′s yield is higher than the B61-12, the most recent bomb being added to the military’s arsenal.

Joe Biden wants to show off his new Mother of Nuclear Bombs, 24 times the size of that dropped on Japan. He has invited Russia and China into our secure facilities to watch a test. Why?

China and Russia aren’t reciprocating.

B-53 gravity nuclear bomb

The bomb is allegedly meant to meet the changing security environment and growing threats.

The bomb is capable of flattening most of the New York’s Metropolitan area.

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