Biden order bans life-saving drug used to treat Opioid addiction


Former DEA agent Derek Maltz was on Newsmax this morning commenting about the new Biden order which bans a certain drug that helps treat addicts with Opioid addiction.

The ban still allows one million doctors to give as many narcotics as they want to as many patients as they want. However, only 66,000 doctors can give the life-saving drug to treat Opioid addiction.

As Mr. Maltz said this morning, the DC bureaucracy isn’t into saving lives. He explained that China has teamed up with the drug cartels and is flooding our country with drugs – meth, fentanyl, and other drugs.

A staggering report shows 210 people died a day in the United States from these illegal drugs and no one in Congress is talking about it. Many of these people are very innocent.

As Mr. Maltz said, open borders make no sense. China is dominating the drug crisis and Congress is ignoring it. [Honestly, Fox is even saying almost nothing. They’re too busy hating on DJT.]


Admiral Giroir also addressed this on Fox News this morning:

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