Biden Orders Creation of Another Marxist Climate Entity


Joe Biden is churning up the climate indoctrination and creating another government organization with an executive order. Executive orders are out of control. The order will control the climate narrative by paying diverse populations. They will work on conservation, clean energy, and ENVIRONMENTAL JUSTICE PROJECTS.

Environmental justice is Marxist. Once young, impressionable, diverse people get paid for these worthless jobs, you won’t get rid of it. It grows government and spreads the leftist narrative on the climate.


“The American Climate Corps is a new initiative that will… work on a wide range of projects that tackle climate change — including restoring coastal wetlands to protect communities from storm surges and flooding, deploying clean energy, managing forests to improve health and prevent catastrophic wildfires, implementing energy efficient solutions to cut energy bills for hardworking families, and more,” the White House said.

“All American Climate Corps programs will be paid experiences that adhere to a common set of programmatic standards and provide pathways to high-quality employment opportunities in the public and private sectors,” it continued.

Those state groups will work with the American Climate Corps as “implementing collaborators to ensure young people across the country are serving their communities while participating in paid opportunities and working on projects to tackle climate change.”

“Today’s historic action to put an American Climate Corps into motion is a clear demonstration that the Biden administration knows there are more ways they can leverage executive power to lead an all-out mobilization of our government and society to stop the climate crisis,” said Sunrise Movement Executive Director Varshini Prakash, who joined the White House on a press call for the announcement.

More Communism/Globalism

Sunrise Movement is very far left.

At the same time, the administration is killing the underpinnings of our energy sector.  Biden follows the directions of the furthest left donors and politicians.

Climate change is a manufactured crisis to control us, peasants.

This is part of the globalist/communist takeover.

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