Trump Releases an Ad Supporting the United Auto Workers


Former President Donald Trump has released a new radio ad in support of America’s auto workers. He noted that President Biden has “turned his back” on them.

The new ad comes as the United Auto Workers (UAW) union, one of the nation’s largest auto workers unions that boasts more than 400,000 members, is striking against the big three U.S. automakers.

The auto workers have always supported Democrat candidates. The problem is the move towards electric vehicles will put a lot of people out of jobs. They won’t need as many workers for electric vehicles.

The ad addresses this important issue. We should not be getting rid of gasoline cars without anything to replace them, and it will cost a lot of jobs.

“They are America’s auto workers. They helped build our country and keep us on the move. And we’ve always been able to count on them during times of war, peace, prosperity, and tough times,” a narrator reads in the Trump campaign’s new ad.

“Yet all they’ve ever wanted is to compete fairly worldwide and get their fair share of the American dream. Donald Trump calls them great Americans and has always had their backs — from tax cuts for their families to playing hardball with China,” the ad continues. “Biden? He’s turned his back on the auto workers by cutting a deal that uses America’s tax dollars to help fund China’s electric car business.”

“That’s a stake in the heart for American auto workers. And they can count on Donald Trump to change that.”

About 10% of the auto workers are currently on strike at Ford, General Motors, and Stellantis. The auto workers average $29.00 an hour, and starting pay is $19.00 an hour. They’re asking for a 36% increase, among other things.

For Mr. Trump, the problem is more about the jobs that will go to China. It’s pretty obvious that electric cars will be much cheaper if they’re made in China. China has the materials to make them, and they have the slave labor.

So far, the UAW has not endorsed Joe Biden for president.

Earlier this year, the Biden Department of Energy announced that it would lend Ford Motor $9.2 million in a joint venture to support the production of electric vehicle batteries across three factories in the United States. It was the largest such loan in the program office’s history.

“We have been absolutely clear that the switch to electric engine jobs, battery production, and other EV manufacturing cannot become a race to the bottom. Not only is the federal government not using its power to turn the tide – they’re actively funding the race to the bottom with billions in public money,” Fain said in a statement after the loan was announced.

“These companies are extremely profitable and will continue to make money hand over fist whether they’re selling combustion engines or EVs. Yet the workers get a smaller and smaller piece of the pie. Why is Joe Biden’s administration facilitating this corporate greed with taxpayer money?”

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