Biden panders, complains, ‘goes blank,’ and then trails off


During a meeting with rabbis prior to the Jewish holiday season, Joe Biden hoped to pander, telling the holy men about his Catholic daughter’s wedding to a ‘Jewish young man.’

“We wanted to have a co-confessional wedding,” Biden said. “We had a huppah on the altar, and we had a co- … It was co-officiated. Now some of you aren’t gonna like this, but it was co-officiated by a Catholic priest, as well as a Jewish rabbi.”

Biden wanted ‘On Eagle’s Wings’ played but complained it never was played. Instead, a Jewish song was played — you know, the one with the chairs up.

“I only asked one thing … There’s a hymn, my favorite hymn in the Catholic Church based on a psalm. I asked if that hymn in the Catholic Church … and they played, my mind is going blank now, what’s the song that is played when everybody is on the chair?” Biden said, appearing confused. “I can’t remember it. Anyway … I said, ‘What the hell’s going on here?’ I just had one little favor, just that they play ‘Eagle’s Wings.'”

[The chairs up – the Hoopa, the necessary legal part of the marriage]

His mind then trailed off.

This is the guy with the nukes.

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