Biden Plans More College Freebies at Taxpayer Expense


The Biden administration is out getting votes with tax dollars once again. They are overhauling several student debt forgiveness programs, aiming to make it easy for borrowers to get out of paying their debt at taxpayers’ expense. This is socialism for you.

All they have to do is work for ten years as overpaid public servants.

The Education Department on Monday finalized a package of rules that it proposed earlier this year. The new rules take hold in July and are separate from President Joe Biden’s sweeping student debt forgiveness plan, which has been held up in court amid a legal challenge from Republican-led states.

The Bidenistas don’t want anyone to pay their debts. They are destroying work ethics and the sense of obligation people should feel when paying debts they run up.

Education Secretary Miguel Cardona called it a “monumental step” that will make it faster and simpler to get debt relief. “The Biden administration is fixing a broken system and putting borrowers first,” Cardona told reporters on Monday.

Don’t you love how they say the system is “broken” whenever they want to pay off their donors?

They call all for-profit colleges predatory so they can extinguish their loans. Those loan forgiveness programs are all coming back. Donald Trump eliminated them. These loans forgive huge swaths of students from the same college on trumped-up fraud charges.

This is in addition to the unconstitutional loan forgiveness held up in the courts.

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