Biden plans to give amnesty to 8 million at once in a spending bill


CDC Director lies about illegals with COV at the border and Biden plans to give amnesty and a path to citizenship to millions.

If you want to see an even more out-of-control border, then wait until Joe Biden legalizes at least another 8 million illegals. That’s the plan and he’s calling it “immigration infrastructure.”

They will all vote for Democrats as soon as they can get to a poll, legally or not.


CDC Director Rochelle Walensky lied about the border. She’s a scientist who gets very political in this next clip.




  1. That means all of their family will be coming as well.
    Can the continent contain billions?
    It isn’t working out very well for India.
    The poor downtrodden future lifetime CPUSA voters card migrating due to climate change card is already played but what will a U.S. population of half a million and rising do to the ecosystem?

  2. Come to America where everything is free
    You can sleep in a tent or under a tree

    Come to America and you can have fun
    Play in the city or just lay in the sun

    Anything you want is yours on demand
    This is the promise of the Liberal plan

  3. Well I guess Traitor Joe really want’s States to bring back Jim Crow Laws. The People are not going to be amused by Amnesty.

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