Sky News Australia suspended from YouTube


YouTube has suspended Sky News in Australia from posting to their 1.85M followers for allegedly breaching the platform’s Covid misinformation policy. So far, it’s a one-week suspension.

Sky News Australia, which usually publishes dozens of videos a day, hasn’t posted a video for more than two days to the platform. The news channel continues to post as usual to their Facebook page.

The suspension follows the Daily Telegraph canceling Sky News presenter Alan Jones’ column.

Digital Editor Jack Houghton argues YouTube’s decision to suspend Sky News Australia is a disturbing attack on the ability to think freely.

Jack Houghton, the Digital Editor writes:

The freedom to engage in debate and challenge conventional thinking and wisdoms were not always accepted as human rights.

Philosophically the notion has existed for millennia with the most modern interpretations gaining their foothold in Greek debating chambers.

It has changed shape frequently and even been snuffed out by leaders of more totalitarian persuasions.

If a society was lucky, it returned. If not, poverty, starvation and horror tended to follow.

Holodomor, Auschwitz and Mao, are just three historical examples.

So important is your right to communicate freely, without interference, that it was declared a human right in 1948.

“Everyone has the right to freedom of opinion and expression; this right includes freedom to hold opinions without interference and to seek, receive and impart information and ideas through any media and regardless of frontiers,” Article 19 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights reads.

Alan Jones Column Dropped from The Daily Telegraph



  1. They instituted another lockdown over the “One” death of an 80 yr. old woman. That one death is matched with suicide as a result.

    A response to government tyranny.

    It may get to a point where the tactics of Antifa will be used against the State. If the hordes of people who protest decide to go full-attack mode the enforcement will be insufficient. There had been a few occasions when the police were forced to “run away”. There’s a certain sanctimony with bureaucrats that is imparted all the way down to the officer on the street. Up and down the ladder they believe they are righteous in all their actions with “claims” of “this is for Your benefit”. Maybe it was that way in the very beginning, but in a short time it turned into “saving face” for the blunders the inept politicians promulgated on the public, not unlike Fauci’s GoF funding. Not a single politician will admit, even to themselves, they flat-out blew it.

  2. You know, I’m seriously considering blocking Youtube on my router. FB and Twitter are already blocked and Google is no longer our default search engine. I can play the same game, but I can Delete Big Tech and find alternatives faster than they can find and Delete me.

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