Biden plans to offer up sanctions relief to Iran to get the bad nuke deal back


Biden offered major sanctions relief to the Iranian regime during the ongoing negations at the EU-mediated summit in Vienna, according to news reports.

The White House is talking about lifting oil, economic, and banking sanctions on Iran so he can restore the absolutely awful 2015 nuclear deal which is term-limited and will be violated.

Iran is demanding the lifting of all economic sanctions and it is obvious Biden will do it. The Mullahs don’t have to hold out for long.

“The Biden administration has signaled it is open to easing sanctions against critical elements of Iran’s economy, including oil and finance, helping narrow differences in nuclear talks, according to people familiar with the matter,” The Wall Street Journal reported Wednesday.

According to recent comments made by senior Israeli officials, the Biden administration could be just weeks away from cutting an Obama-esque deal with the Shia-Islamic regime. “We will not be surprised if within weeks the US and other world powers sign a deal with Iran,” an Israeli official told media over the weekend.

The weakness of this administration in foreign affairs and the tyranny in domestic affairs make this president the furthest Left and most incompetent of any president in U.S. history.

Full compliance with the Iran deal would mean no more sanctions, no more regional rollback, no more pressure on Tehran across the board. That is the deal. That eliminates any possibility of Biden putting pressure on Iran.

Biden’s interview with Tom Friedman suggests he will break Blinken’s campaign pledge not to grant Iran any sanctions for terror, missiles, human rights issues. Terror and missile sanctions include Iran’s central bank, financial sector, and oil sector.

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