Biden prepares to surrender to Chinese Communist Party


The leftists who will take charge of our government, barring a Trump miracle, will sell us out to China. China knows it, and they are mocking us for it.

China is robbing us blind, stealing $500 billion of our intellectual property annually, they’ve gutted our manufacturing sector, and they spy on us. We have 370,000 CCP students in the US alone, and it is estimated that 13% spy on us.

Biden and his cohorts and the media want us to work with China. How can you work with a nation that is on the brink of taking over the world financially and militarily. They recently called themselves the only sovereign world state, making the US a colony.

Fellow at the Gatestone Institute Gordon Chang said the Chinese follow a thousand grains of sand approach, which means they interview every Chinese person who travels to the US and puts the information into their enormous database. What may seem insignificant can eventually be used against us.

Chang said China has hundreds, probably thousands of spies embedded in our government, media, education, and elsewhere.

Every Chinese national must comply and spy if China demands it.

The US has appeased China for eight years under Obama, eight years under Bush, and after five decades of working with them.

The CCP organ harvests from minorities, puts people who disagree with the rulers in gulags, and institutionalizes rape.




Unfortunately, all of Biden’s top picks will be sympathetic to China, and averse to calling out their human rights’ abuses. They will gladly sell us out.

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Information Warfare Psyops
Information Warfare Psyops
3 years ago

All of that was agreed to in NAFTA, WTO, and other agreements by the unelected FEW who own and run the world.
Give up on the demockrazy and government charades as they are just window dressing.
We are going back to a pre-industrial society and they don’t care about your vote or opinion.
Be of good cheer because you are not some sheep and that is because God doesn’t want you to be shorn.
The doped up distracted comfort zombies won’t be able to handle going back to the primitive when in actuality we must get back in harmony with nature and stop consuming everything in sight like some mindless blob.

Eric the Constitutionalist
Eric the Constitutionalist
3 years ago

This is like Ronald Reagon had lost his second term in 1984,when in the real history he didn’t,but won a landslide victory. Then would USA have won the Cold War?

3 years ago

Surrendering to an evil Empire for the sake of making money and false prestige.