Millions of Biden fans show up to hear him speak in Georgia LOL


We were kidding about the millions of fans. No one came really. Handfuls of people came to hear Biden speak in Georgia on behalf of the two Democrat senatorial candidates. Turnouts like that do make it hard to believe he won 82 million votes and is the most popular president of all time.


The despicable activist press will give Joe unbelievably favorable treatment in sharp contrast to the treatment they gave Donald Trump and his supporters. The reason they do it is that they are of the far-left. These reporters are communists and Democratic socialists or left-wing opportunists. That’s who they are.

Biden’s performance is pathetic:





  1. I’m surprised that the enemedia didn’t edit some faces in or offer some free weed with airline liquor bottles for the comrades to show up.
    A little walking around money will bring them out or is the printing press smoking and resetting?

    • Soon that will be implemented once all the conservative journalists are escorted to the re-education camps. Less than six months or sooner when KH is sworn in!

  2. What a scam. Biden’s “election” is the biggest scam in US history…and way too many Republicans are falling all over themselves to help the nefarious Democrats pull it off. It used to be that proving the corruption was enough to end it. LOL! Not anymore.

    • @ TK,

      The virus is intelligent as it stays six feet away and avoids undocumented reparations AKA riots.
      It also can’t penetrate a mask that sawdust and other particles penetrate with ease.
      Put your maskerade on because we’re all in this together you deplorable kulak untermenschen scum.

  3. So only comments you want others to see get published ? Is that how you deal with spam?

    I said, so what to Biden having no followers. He’s still Presidnet. The masters elected him and Trump hugs Barr.

    • Lighten Up Francis. JoJo Bidet is still a private citizen. Trump probably whispered something pithy in Barr’s ear such as…ever dance with the devil in the pale moonlight.

  4. If the Commiecrats can only field a few pathetic useless eaters, why cannot a million Patriots take back the country from them. Are we cowards?Are we unwilling to follow in the footsteps of our Founding Fathers who risked it all to establish this nation? Are we too weak to follow in the footsteps of our fathers and grandfathers who stormed the beaches of Normandy and Iwo Jima? Our enemy is pathetic and few. We are strong and mighty. Stop the surrender of America to the ChiComs. Hang the traitors and those who aid and abet them. TAKE AMERICA BACK!

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