Watch Senate hearings on our crooked election LIVE!


The US Senate Committee on Homeland Security and Government is holding a hearing today on our recent corrupt election. If you have time, it’s worth listening to below. It gives a good overview of how bad the situation is.

Basically, if you get past the blather, and go to the witnesses, you will find that anything goes in our elections. At least that was true of the 2020 elections. There was no voter ID needed, no chain of custody, improper ballots were counted, and there is no way to go back and see if hundreds of thousands of ballots should be rejected.

Afghanistan elections are more legitimate than the ones that took place for the past several months. We no longer have an Election Day, the counting goes on endlessly, and there is way too much room for corruption.

If this isn’t addressed before January 5th, Republicans will lose those two senatorial seats, and Democrats will institutionalize this unsecured form of voting.


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2 years ago

Sen. Peters sure does an excellent job incriminating Himself. He would be better off shutting Up about Russia, Russia, Russia.

Avoid the Elephant Traps
Avoid the Elephant Traps
2 years ago

The rule of law was deleted by the historic pen and phone.
Fundamental transformation, we’re all socialists now, those weren’t suggestions.
Blather and hot air by the DC swamp Fauntelroys won’t save us, that is why you have a spine and never forget that God and Lady Nature always get a vote no matter how hard the manboons wish that they would go away.
The post human dystopia on earth culling has begun and if you always wondered when it would start now you know 2020 as the year that the gates of hell opened and emptied.

2 years ago

Welcome any comment: Subject question; is this for real or political theater by our establishment (DS) leaders?

2 years ago

Once the Democrats win in Georgia, the nation is finished, Socialism will rule the country.