Biden Pushes Gender Surgeries Since It Shows Children “They Are Loved”


In my lifetime, I have never seen or heard of any gay person kicked out of a restaurant because she or he is gay. It’s doubtful that Biden did either. Yet, that’s what he said on Tuesday.

He made other absurd comments during the signing of the Respect for Marriage Act as everyone in attendance pretended LGBTs couldn’t get married civilly, although it has been the law for years.

Biden suggested that anyone who criticizes child sex change surgeries is responsible for “racism, anti-Semitism, homophobia [and] transphobia.” He thinks they’re all “connected.”

Biden insisted we “protect” transgender children by giving them the “care they need…so they know they are loved.”

Mutilating them is love?

He’s referring to sex change operations that mutilate children. Anyone familiar with child development knows that children are confused about sex until early adolescence. Children should not make these decisions based on leftists pushing them and promoting an ideology with children as sacrificial lambs.

“Folks, racism, anti-Semitism, homophobia, transphobia — they are all connected.” Really? Biden makes no sense and is an embarrassment. Democrats and RINOs did this to us.


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