Biden Put a Dead Dog on a Woman’s Doorstep


Joe Biden on Tuesday bragged about the American Rescue Plan and infrastructure bill signed into law last year. He made sure to mention raising taxes for his socialist plan for America.

He digressed to tell a story about putting a dead dog on some Republican woman’s doorstep when he was a county councilman.

A Republican woman [naturally not a Democrat] called about a dead dog on her lawn and allegedly said she wanted him to remove the dead dog immediately since she “paid his salary.”

“So I went over there, I picked it up. She said, “I want it out of my front yard.” I put in on her doorstep,” Biden joked.

He checked her political party?

Tall tale:
Now, listen to this next clip. That last administration with what’s his name. Having him as president is alarming:

Russia Fear Porn

He doesn’t even protect our liberty in this country.

Every American needs to get out of Ukraine.

He slurringly tells Russians they are not our enemies and no one cares.

He won’t answer any questions. Arrogant dictators don’t.

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