Biden Reassured No One This Evening


George Stephanopoulos couldn’t help Joe Biden this evening if that was the goal. The three lines that captured the minds of Americans:

“I’m the guy who put NATO together; I’m the guy who shut Putin down; I’m running the world.”

The edited, taped interview gave us Joe at his best, which wasn’t good. We don’t know if there was a teleprompter.

His voice can be weak, but they raised the mic whenever he spoke.

When Biden was stumped, he just went to the old standby — trash Trump.

It’s hard to see how this interview would reassure any Democrat. Democrat strategists believe Biden has been so cocooned by his aides that he doesn’t know what’s going on. They say the aides have been lying to him.

Only Joe Biden can take himself out of the race unless they go with the 25th amendment as they threatened to do to Trump.

Biden is clearly unfit, and if he continues in office until November, Democrats are basically telling us that they’re willing to have a senile man in the most powerful office in the world as they run on the democracy issue. That’s not democracy.

Uncle Joe should enjoy his last years on earth in one of his beautiful mansions. He has a gorgeous home on the beach. He should just be there relaxing, staring at the ocean.

It’s hard to believe he will go to the NATO summit.

Biden said he’s running the world, and he’s senile. This was done courtesy of the Democrat Party, who care so deeply about democracy.

I collected the best available videos for you:

It’s worse than that. Watch the full interview or read the transcript:

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