Biden Reduces the Deficit — in Ukraine


In addition to the one billion dollars in military aid to Ukraine, as announced this week, the Biden regime is sending $4.5 billion in so-called humanitarian aid. This is as his administration passes a bill to tax the middle class during a recession.

As Rand Paul tweeted: WOW! The US government is actually trying to reduce the deficit!!?? Oh, wait, it’s for Ukraine, never mind. Business as usual with your 💰💰💰.

Endless Cash to Ukraine

According to Reuters, “The United States will send an additional $5.5 billion in aid to Ukraine, made up of $4.5 billion in budgetary support and $1 billion in military assistance, to help it come to grips with the turmoil of this year’s Russian invasion.

“The funding, coordinated with the U.S. Treasury Department through the World Bank, will go to the Ukraine government in tranches, beginning with a $3 billion disbursement in August, USAID, the Agency for International Development, said.

“It follows previous transfers of $1.7 billion in July and $1.3 billion in June, USAID said. Washington has also provided billions of dollars in military support and plans a new $1 billion weapons package shortly.”

This is a fraud perpetrated on the American people.

In case you missed it, this is what is running the country:

Thomas Sowell wonders if we are at the point of no return, especially after the abuse of our Supreme Court Justices.

We are most likely at the point of no return.

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Harrison Pendleton
Harrison Pendleton
7 months ago

THAT-GUY AND PHONY Joe Biden never had an interest in the US—as seen by his engineered baby formula shortage, widespread inflation, orchestrated recession, covering up his schemes for ethnic cleansing via KKK tactics and covid vax assaults, massive high costs of everything—except where it benefits his greedy hands and that of accomplices including his vulgar dumpster-diving family. Take note of the glaring fact his recent ‘INFLATION INCREASES ACTS’ is nothing more than a direct page from that snake Obama’s previous despot regime designed to provide (more) wealth to collaborators and shake down-extort Americans by using mega-high vigs.

Last edited 7 months ago by Harrison Pendleton
John Vieira
7 months ago

Boy did they choose well when they perpetuated their ‘fraud’ on the American voter and the WORLD….You cannot say that this ‘being’ is NOT performing exactly as expected – even with ‘panache’…and with the assistance of the corrupted, lying propagandist msm…the Great Reset is being accomplished….and you do hate your neighbour too, eh, ‘masked marvel’…

7 months ago

The Deep State is paying off everyone involved in Ukraine Crimes, but Russian Intelligence probably already has the evidence to thousands of Democrats and Globalist to Jail. Russia will now use this as leverage.

Harrison Pendleton
Harrison Pendleton
7 months ago
Reply to  GuvGeek

My thoughts exactly, guv. Much of the pay-offs are largely directed to silence/blackmail witnesses or kill them off.

Peter B. Prange
Peter B. Prange
7 months ago

Too bad the grinning Biden picture in the pop-up doesn’t appear here. Both the empty mind and the evil of the man are displayed.

Despite the obvious fear stated: “We are most likely at the point of no return,” people like M Dowling are fighting for us.