Biden replaces D-Day with the Tulsa Massacre


We wanted to wait a day to see if Joe Biden would finally remember to say something, anything about one of the most important days in our history — D-Day. He didn’t and that is infuriating to those who know their history or participated in it. It meant the defeat of Hitler.

Yesterday was the 77th anniversary of the brilliant and deadly operation that turned the course of the war and led to the end of the war in Europe.

Biden ends every speech and press event by asking God to “bless America and protect our troops,” but he ignored this. It sounds quite deliberate.

He did remember the Tulsa Massacre. We think it’s a great idea to remember the Tulsa Massacre but not on D-Day or even on Memorial Day, which is what he did.

There were possibly up to 300 black people murdered by white residents from May 31 to June 1, and that is important information to have about our history. But remembering our war dead, and D-Day (with all the people who died for freedom on that day) is more important.

However, they are not important at all to the hard left. Remembering our greatness is not on their agenda, just the dark side is worthy of mention.

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3 o Clock Roadblock Pablo Dub Mix
3 o Clock Roadblock Pablo Dub Mix
2 years ago

Defeating one of the most outstanding WAR machines ever assembled in just a few short years actually is historic.
No Western front opening would have meant defeat for the Russians even with all the British signals intelligence giving them a heads up of all German moves.
The battle of Prokhorovka (Kursk) is still the largest airplanes and armor battle in human history and D-Day will probably always be the biggest amphibious operation.
Invasions of Sicily, Morocco, and some British commando raids on the French coast that didn’t end well were all practice for June 6.
Those who say WWII is ancient history so get over it don’t realize that the contemporary world was shaped directly by events of 1939-1945.

2 years ago

Traitor Joe hates the Military because it is filled with Patriots. Traitor Joe would rather celebrate Racist Democrat Klan members murdering Black People. Pay attention to what Democrats do and not what they say. It’s easy for a Democrat to lie. It’s impossible for a Democrat to Govern; that requires positive action.