Chinese Communist Party wants your faceprint and fingerprints on TikTok


The CCP wants your faceprints and your fingerprints. What could possibly go wrong? They have that notice in the TikTok fine print.

Just the News reported that the terms of service allow it to harvest “biometric identifiers and biometric information.”

Who reads those minutely-printed notices?

The extremely popular website, with the CCP as its overlords, has granted itself permission to collect users’ “biometric identifiers,” specifically fingerprints and faceprints, as part of a recently revised term-of-service arrangement.

We have known for some time that they are collecting billions of bites of information about us in a number of ways, including via TikTok. Former secretary of state Mike Pompeo and then-President Trump tried to get it banned for that reason.

“Where required by law, we will seek any required permissions from you prior to any such collection,” the company added. [And you can trust commies to do that]

The new rule was first reported by TechCrunch on Thursday.



  1. When is the Congress going to make it illegal to “steal” personal data as a requirement for service? EVERYTHING on the Internet MUST be declared a Public Service. No one should be denied access and no one should be required to give up personal information to enter the public square of the Internet.

  2. Will there be a “social credit score” for the comrades in USA to use Chinese apps?
    It’s an ancient Chinese secret. (racist!)
    Some retail stores have a thumbprint sign in due to other workers clocking in/out for each other to save time or find ways to not take breaks and make just a little extra.

  3. The Only DOG FACE LYING PONY SOLIDER U can BLAME it on is BEIJING JOE O’ Biden Because POTUS Donald J. Trump is no longer in Office. And
    U can Only BLAME it on the THUG’S of the Beijing Joe O’ Biden Administration and the Demo Demons of the Democratic Socialist Party.

  4. Well, I guess total spying is here. I remember when the German Gestapo took over. They were cruel to exicutuing people simply because they didn’t go for HITLERS party.. Has it come to this now under CHINKOBIDEN and his political thieves???? My new Cell-phones doesn’t work if I cover up the 6 new lenses. 2 on the front and 4 on the back. Google says the 4 on the back are, wide angle, up closs, regular and I guess the 4th is to make sure the other 3 send out what they took in your home while you on the toilet. I am 91 I hope you young people that voted Democrat LIVE to loce Communism. GOD BLESS ALL THE REAL AMERICANS. OUR VETS, PAST, PRESENT AND FUTURE. SOMEONE HAD TO KEEP US FREE. NOW ALI BIDEN AND HIS 4,000 THIEVES LED BY QUEEN PELOSI WHO IS APPARENTLY HIDING MORE TOAY, MABE Y SHE DOES THE CLEANING IN DIAPER JOES BOUDOIR. CHEYENNE, I STILL HAVE TESTICLES EVEN AT MY AGE.

  5. Not 1or2 but at least 6 states made claims of voting irregularities this last election year, and the Supreme Court said ; nothing to see here. Billed as the most important election in our country’s history and they refused to take a look at it. Ever wonder why?
    Be afraid. be very afraid.

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