Biden Represents the US Stupidly in Vilnius, Lithunia


We’ve followed Joe Biden on his embarrassing journey through Europe, and now we have more from Vilnius. He had called Ukraine’s president Vladimir, could barely walk, and was constantly confused, even about how to leave a stage.

In case you’re wondering why he’s on this trip, it’s laughably to strengthen NATO. That’s not a joke.

Vilnius was just as bad. Joe had his prearranged list of reporters to call on, which you can watch in the first clip.

He took two whole questions.

He lied as usual. Republicans are NOT trying to tie abortion to defense spending. It is Democrats who are attempting to shove through various funding initiatives for abortion as part of the NDAA.

These lies are par for the course.

This was one of his worst comments:

“NATO will soon have 32 free… standing… will be free… 30 free… 32… free… standing… members… standing together to guard our peoples in our territories!” Biden said. He has said that in the past, although a little more coherently, it’s the opposite of the truth. He has divided Americans and the people of the world.

Here’s another creepy brain malfunction:

Why would anyone ask Biden a question? It’s pointless between his mental problems and his dishonesty.

As Biden dares nuclear nations to strike and our borders are wide open, he claims climate change is the “only existential threat.”

Here he is not answering questions.


And in case you’re wondering about the cocaine fiasco, the Secret Service says they could not find the culprit and that there were no fingerprints or DNA on the bag. In other words, the cocaine belonged to a Biden, probably Hunter.

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John Vieira
John Vieira
4 months ago

Greedy sleazy ignoramus…were there really 81 million idiots voting for the fool???

4 months ago

At this point I’m willing for a US military leader, who is a Patriot to step up, invade Washington and take over the White House and the Capitol, arrest every single politician and their staff and go through each one to determine who is a Patriot and who is a Traitor and just eliminate all enemies. The government is too far corrupt to save it now.