Biden Responds Derisively on Debt Deal & Trump Pardon


Joe Biden was at the White House for a very brief stop between vacations from Camp David to his Wilmington home.

Before he took off in the helicopter, he laughed at reporters asking questions about the debt negotiation deal. Biden dismissed them, derisively saying they weren’t living in the “real world.”

The fact that the US will be $36 trillion in debt in two years and $50 trillion in debt in ten under this deal is of no consequence to the man destroying the USA.

“The deal was the first major win for House Speaker Kevin McCarthy and historic in the sense that it averts a potential international financial crisis that would have resulted without a deal being struck,” reports Newsweek.

It is historic in that Republicans got almost nothing, a small decrease in the 87,000 new IRS agents, and a few small changes in work requirements for welfare. The trillions spent under COVID remain, and McCarthy said they are bringing it “all the way back to 2022.” 2022 was after we spent more than $4 trillion, which was supposed to end with the pandemic. McCarthy claimed he lowered spending, but he only reduced the increase in spending based on 2022 spending and eliminated the debt ceiling for two years.

Republicans exchanged a dangerous increase in debt for bigger government.

Biden can respond derisively, but his deal is evil and aimed at destroying the United States. It’s an unsustainable debt and deficit.

Biden thinks pardoning Donald Trump is also funny. He would since he’s behind it. Biden’s a very nasty guy, but segregationists are very nasty.

Peter Doocy asked the question, and Biden loves to mock him and Fox. The left laughs at his attacks, but they won’t when they become victims. After the hardcore leftists are done with the Right, the Left is next.

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