Biden Responds to “Climate Emergency” with an Executive Order


Joe Biden on Wednesday traveled to Brayton Point in Massachusetts, where he expounded on his Marxist climate change agenda.

Biden, or whoever tells him what to say and do, responded to the fake climate emergency with an executive order. President-ish Biden gave his climate speech today and could barely enunciate as he read off a teleprompter.

Biden announced a plan to spend billions of dollars on climate change, especially in his voting blocs’ neighborhoods.  He made it clear there will be much more to come. Yet the media claims Biden’s taking “modest steps.”

“Let me be clear, climate change is an emergency,” Biden declared without evidence. What makes computer-generated results an emergency? Garbage in, garbage out.

Team Biden plans to mandate and spend on climate change in the coming months even though Biden has no mandate. He is a dictator, and Americans don’t seem to notice.

He didn’t agree with Congress, so he’s assuming powers he does not have. Congress legislates, not the President. He is legislating and allocating money that is normally the province of Congress.

David Axelrod called Biden an “institutionalist” and suggested he’s “Rooseveltian.” Is he kidding? Biden belongs in a nursing home.

Axelrod and CNN’s Jake Tapper think it’s a national climate emergency. The one thing we know for sure is that giving money to these people won’t do a thing for the climate. These two knew Joe Biden has dementia and foisted him on us anyway.

Axelrod spun and spun. He even dared to say Biden has a “body of accomplishments.” Tapper claimed Biden “has a nice legacy.” They even said he has been “successful.” Perhaps they should share his accomplishments with the rest of us.

These Democrats think we are very stupid.


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