Biden Rolled Out One of His Greatest Hits: The Cannibals Story


Joe Biden claims Ambrose Finnegan was shot down in a single-engine plane in World War II in an area with a lot of cannibals. That was his prelude to falsely claiming Donald Trump called soldiers “suckers and losers.”

Not a word of it is true. He has been told numerous times, but he likes the story. This is the man who will handle the Ayatollah.


Ambrose Finnegan was Biden’s uncle, not grandfather. The plane had two engines, not one. He was a US Army Air Force courier, not the Air Corps. It was an administrative flight, not a combat flight. It was not reconnaissance. The plane crashed due to engine trouble. It was not shot down. Finnegan was lost at sea—no cannibals involved.

He was on the flight as a passenger. Did he volunteer because someone couldn’t make it? Probably not.

Biden said, “We called him Uncle Bozie,” but he was two years old when Ambrose died, so he probably wouldn’t have called him anything if he even knew him, which was highly doubtful.

Also, Donald Trump never called deceased soldiers “suckers and losers.” It has been widely debunked. It was invented by a few generals who don’t like Donald Trump.

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