CA Reparations: “Slave Taxes & Huge Tax Breaks for Black People


A California Democrat wants to tax sales of gold, cotton, tobacco, and other goods linked to slavery. The government would then use the taxes to provide reparations for black residents.

Assemblyman Reggie Jones-Sawyer introduced the bill, along with dozens of others by the California legislative black caucus seeking reparations for black Californians, especially, but not solely, to the descendants of slaves.

In other words, they’ve expanded reparations to all black people. If they came from another country and never had a slave ancestor, that’s okay. By the way, California was not a slave state.

It seems that the wildly out-of-control state reparations task force, where Jones Sawyer served as a member, underscored efforts to turn controversial policies into legally binding compensation schemes.

By July 2025, Sawyer wants those buying gold bullion and gold coins of California to pay tax at the point of purchase. It would also apply to tangible property made in whole or partly from cotton or tobacco properties. Those buying wine, olives, cane sugar, granulated sugar, rice, and coffee beans in stores would also pay the tax. That money would go into the reparations fund for African-Americans who didn’t earn it and descendants of enslaved in the United States who also didn’t earn it.

It was allegedly intended to cover housing loans or tuition costs – until the politicians treat it as another pile of cash they could scavenge.

The Hitlerian Geneology Task Force

That takes us to the problem of determining who is descended from a slave. The plan is to open a genealogy office called The California American Friedman Affairs Agency (CAFA).

Genealogy, as you know, is the study of your ancestry. So California government officials will delve into people’s descendants and come up with names. That could have all kinds of repercussions. People seem to remember Confederates and Hitler doing the same thing. It puts them in very sketchy company.

Reparations activists have also opened a new front in the battle, according to Daily Mail Online. Tiffany Cross, a far-left television host, said on her podcast that African-Americans should get substantial tax breaks and praised any black people who don’t pay their taxes. Some campaigners have already erected billboards in Chicago, pushing for black-only carve-outs on property taxes.

It’s all about the ancestral struggles of African Americans, but they are not the only ones who struggle.

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