FAA Wants to Hire Severely Mentally Ill & Deficient People


The Federal Aviation Administration is actively looking for severely deficient employees. They think hiring people with psychiatric disabilities, those who are severely intellectually deficient, and others who are seriously impaired is necessary because they are underrepresented in the Federal workforce.

They are underrepresented because they aren’t qualified!

This is the new DEI – diversity, equity, inclusion – communist policy. It’s going to be very expensive to hire needy people and may be very dangerous.

Americans didn’t ask for this.


People with Disabilities

Individuals with targeted or “severe” disabilities are the most under-represented segment of the Federal workforce. The People with Disabilities Program (PWD) ensures that people with disabilities have equal Federal employment opportunities. The FAA actively recruits, hires, promotes, retains, develops, and advances people with disabilities.

The FAA meets the goals of the PWD Program through a variety of practices:

Targeted Disabilities
Targeted disabilities are those disabilities that the Federal government, as a matter of policy, has identified for special emphasis in recruitment and hiring. They include hearing, vision, missing extremities, partial paralysis, complete paralysis, epilepsy, severe intellectual disability, psychiatric disability, and dwarfism.

On-the-Spot Hiring
A non-competitive hiring method for filling vacancies with Veterans and/or individuals with disabilities. Managers can choose to fill an open position through the On-the-Spot hiring process given they provide the required documentation for doing so.

Reasonable Accommodation
Ensures that employees with disabilities have access to accommodations that suit their needs. This can include modifications made to existing facilities or special equipment.

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