Biden says bills can be bipartisan without congressional Republicans agreeing


Political language…is designed to make lies sound truthful and murder respectable, and to give an appearance of solidity to pure wind.

~ George Orwell


The Orwellian White House now wants to say bills are bipartisan if some Republicans or Independents somewhere agree with them. They no longer want to consider Congressional Republicans as those who get to measure bipartisanship. This is how Biden plans to unite us.

The White House wants to change how people perceive bipartisanship, arguing that if they put forward proposals that are backed by some Republicans and independents, they should be seen as bipartisan even if GOP lawmakers in Washington don’t vote for them, The Hill reports.

In other words, if a RINO governor or mayor says they like the goodies they will get in the bills, it’s bipartisan. That also means the people support it.

You will believe that. Democrats say you must.

Biden campaigned as a unity candidate who would work with Republicans, and the GOP increasingly has criticized him for turning his back on that vow with the big Democratic-only [socialist] measures.

Biden officials argue that the measures they are proposing have broad public support from members of both parties in polling and that some of the ideas have been backed by GOP lawmakers in the past.

“Biden is taking a bet that Congress is more divided than the country and, with an ability to appeal directly to the voter on policy issues, he can circumvent a polarized Congress that will likely take a long time to get its act together in terms of working across the aisle,” said a Democratic strategist.

Yeah, no. The only people who support the new bills are people who either don’t understand the repercussions or truly don’t care about the country at all and want to scavenge for the last bit of goodies.

Biden is delusional or wants us to be.

“Delivering for the American people is what the American Rescue Plan was all about,” Biden said in Pittsburgh this week as he unveiled his next legislative proposal, which mirrors the jobs plan he laid out on the campaign trail.

“It’s been overwhelmingly popular. If you live in a town with a Republican mayor, a Republican county executive, or a Republican governor, ask them how many would rather get rid of the plan. Ask them if it helped them at all. It’s what the American Jobs Plan is about — the new one I’m proposing.”

Unfortunately, there are some good things for everyone in these overwhelmingly transformative socialist bills. That could sucker some into it.

However, the reality is they are now just inventing peoples’ belief systems.

A recent Morning Consult/Politico poll found that a plurality of Republicans — 42 percent — support making improvements to infrastructure, but without tax increases. Thirty-two percent of Republicans say they support infrastructure improvements with tax increases.

What they might not understand is the infrastructure bill only spends $147 billion on traditional infrastructure. It’s actually the insane Green New Deal with reparations thrown in.

The Hill noted that the longer it goes without passing, the more people will dislike it. Now, why would that be?

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