Obama cheers MLB after they cost Atlanta businesses over $100 million


Barack Obama, who regularly speaks with Joe Biden the puppet president, fully supports the MLB pulling out of Atlanta over a lie. Atlanta small business will lose more than 100 million dollars. The MLB wants to punish the state for a perfectly reasonable election law.

The lie begun by Stacey Abrams that it is Jim Crow 2.0 is accepted by the media as truthful. Anyone who reads the bill knows this isn’t true. The Washington Post and Atlanta Journal called out Biden’s lies about the Georgia election integrity act, but the lies continue.

Obama, who Maria Bartiromo heard is calling the shots, congratulated the MLB for taking a stand on voting rights [when no voting rights are taken away].

The punishment for no crime committed will punish innocent small business owners who needed a boost after the lockdown.

Nonetheless, the Democrat neo-Marxists, cheer for it. It’s ideology that counts, not people. I don’t know who the small business owners are in Atlanta but I imagine many are black and immigrants, the very people Democrats claim they want to help.

Democrats are sending a message to any states who plan to tighten voting laws. These are the people who want HR-1, a bill that completely destroys voting integrity in the United States.

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