Dems wig out over President Trump’s latest message


Former President Trump sent out his Easter message and it has the Left upset.

He wrote:

Why is it that every time the 2020 ELECTION FRAUD is discussed, the Fake News Media consistently states that such charges are baseless, unfounded, unwarranted, etc.? Sadly, there was massive fraud in the 2020 Presidential Election, and many very angry people understand that. With each passing day, and unfortunately for the Radical Left CRAZIES, more and more facts are coming out.

Other than that, Happy Easter!


The Leftists, who so obviously love Easter and Christians suddenly, have trouble with the last line.

The Democrat commies never did understand Donald J. Trump. How long before we can’t say Happy Easter. It will eventually be wrongthink.

As for voter fraud. The mail-in balloting was wide open for fraud and the ballot harvesting always involves sketchy collections. There wasn’t any chain of custody on the endless Zuckerberg boxes and the signature matching was mostly abandoned. Ballots were sent to everyone in swing states for the most part without regard for eligibility.

Then we have all the anomalies like senile Biden winning 81 million people over when he couldn’t attract 20 to a rally. Donald Trump won 6 million more votes than the last time and couldn’t come close.

When people simply wanted to check for integrity, the Left went wild and banned all mention of fraud.

That’s not suspicious at all, is it?

So, yeah, Happy Easter despite the country going to Third World Hell. We will pray hard tomorrow for divine intervention since Democrats are determined to destroy the nation.

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