Biden says during an interview, “I lost that line”


Fresh off his ‘gaffe’ of COVID killing 200 million Americans, Joe Biden’s sit down interview was wholly dependent on the teleprompter. His brain isn’t working. In this clip, after he says he’ll freeze deportations once he becomes president, he tells someone off camera, “I lost that line.”


As usual, he’s drawing teeny little crowds as Trump draws huge crowds and his teleprompter takes the place of a brain.



    • This is the most pathetic, pitiful abuse that can be bestowed on a candidate. I fault all 40+ years of political corruption committed by Biden – but this is a different issue — the man is not capable of the role and expectations he is being forced to perform. Because of my volunteering at a Senior Center 3 times a week for over 3 years – I know what dementia is, and I know the mental state Biden is now experiencing. Jill Biden should be jailed for putting him through this. The DNC should be dismantled for their allowing this abuse to continue. This sickens me.

  1. Telemundo’s José Diaz-Balart is in on the scam. He asked Biden questions that were provided in advance so his handlers could type in the answers! But Biden still couldn’t follow the teleprompter. Just wait until the debate!! Biden will be lucky if he can remember his own name.

    • I’ll wager that some how he gets out of the debates. What they’re doing to this man is elderly abuse. I find these democrat socialists to be mean and hateful and they always want to change the rules to suit them.

  2. DemocRATs ought to be ashamed to vote for someone as inept as Joe. Better not to vote at all then to give credibility to what the DemocRATs are trying to pull off here. You are insulting the American public offering someone as bad as this.

  3. I thought the first “Manchurian candidate” would be a brainwashed puppet raised from birth to run the country. I never expected it would be a senile old man reading whatever is put on a screen.

  4. Joe Biden is Catholic,as far as I know Catholicism is against abortion,
    So can anyone tell me what’s Biden’s view on this topic?

  5. Out of all the others in that shallow gene pool of candidates, this is what the DNC thinks is electable
    Sorry, not sorry. Joe, his “handlers”, Jill and the DNC deserve the crushing heartbreak that will soon be
    upon them.

  6. Absolutely pathetic. Biden belongs in a assisted living house, not the White House. The man cannot even have a conversation without a script.

  7. This is elder abuse by the fascist democRAT-Communist party. Who is biden’s handler?
    At least if one votes for President Trump, one knows he is getting Trump.
    If one votes for biden, who will actually be running the government?

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