Biden tells ‘one-horse pony’ reporter that his son’s a victim of Russian disinformation


Joe Biden’s troubled son Hunter has not denied the laptops exposing his shady dealings. He is the one who recently announced that he was under investigation. Yet, despite this, Joe Biden is blaming Russians.

Fox News reporter Peter Doocy asked Biden if he still thought his son was the victim of Russian disinformation. Joe doubled down.

“Mr. President-Elect, on Russian disinformation,” Fox News reporter Peter Doocy began, “Mr. President-Elect, do you still think that the stories from the fall about your son Hunter were Russian disinformation and a smear campaign like you said?”

“Yes. Yes. Yes. God love you, man. You’re a one-horse pony, I’ll tell you,” Biden responded. “Thank you. Thank you. I promise you my Justice Department will be totally on its own making its judgments about how they should proceed.”

One-horse pony?


News broke in mid-October about emails that were found on a laptop belonging to Hunter Biden. Hunter has never denied the laptop was his. The New York Post broke the story. Twitter then banned the NY Post to hide the story from the public.

CNN’s report said that authorities were investigating “multiple financial issues” including whether Hunter Biden “violated tax and money laundering laws in business dealings in foreign countries, principally China.”

Joe’s brother James is also under federal criminal investigation for actions relating to his hospital company.

NBC News reported earlier this month that a business partner of Hunter Biden warned Hunter Biden that he had not reported hundreds of thousands of dollars in income that he had made from his foreign business dealings.

And now, Joe Biden gets to pick the Attorney General. That’s why Bill Barr should have appointed a special counsel.



  1. It’s not Russia he should blame for his derelict druggie alcoholic incompetent boob of a son. He has only to look in a mirror to see who’s to blame. He raised him to be a cheating thief to reap the benefits of the position he arranged for his son. Joe was A lousy VP, and a shameful father and yet this is the mentally unstable lying bungler idiots voted for as president, not because they liked him but because of their obsessive irrational hate for Trump. It doesn’t say much about their ethics or character either.

    • …yet the MSM, the DNC, the RINOs, and the Soros-backed Marxist/communist organizations have banded together to protect the Bidens from all harm.

      If the Democrat Party gets 50 in the Senate and Kamala presides over the Senate, all investigations of the Bidens will centered on finding out what flavor of ice cream they prefer.

  2. All of it will be swept under the rug of Beijing gets across the line.
    This is real governance to the CPUSA, enriching themselves, family, and cronies at the expense of everyone else.
    Laughing at all the useful idiot suckers that got played by Bidet as they will get nothing for their protest vote against Trump.
    Trump the Revelator has shown them to be the traitorous sold out fifth column of quislings that they always were and will be.

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