President Trump just put the traitors and their ‘COV relief bill’ in a box


President Trump just put the Republicans, who are flipping us off, on the spot. After enumerating some of the absurd pork in the so-called COVID relief bill, he said he wants Americans to receive $2 or $3 to $4,000. President Trump also wants the pork out of it.

If Republicans override this coming veto with this bizarre Porkulus garbage bill, the Republican party will cease to exist.

The RINOs should leave the party. They’re really a more appropriate fit for the Democrat Party.

The bill only gives $200 billion to the suffering Americans and much of the remaining $700 billion to foreign countries and apparatchiks.

President Trump mentioned the millions going to Egypt to buy military equipment from Russia — that’s diabolical. The politicians have lost all perspective. Additionally, he mentioned the millions going to Central American nations. You know why they are getting the money, and it’s not for a study. It’s to make their journey to cross our border easier.

I love this man.


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  1. Join the March of DC on January 6 to celebrate Trump’s relection and the 2nd Amendment. Every American needs at least $4,000 and a huge Small Business relief package all paid for by a special tax on Big Pharma, the Big Media, and Big Tech.

  2. This is another “We have to pass this bill so we can see what’s in it!” ploy by the disgusting Democrat/Socialist party headed by Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi along with their advisors, Bernie “The Communist” Sanders and The Squad of Muslims.

    The Democrat Party hates the American taxpayers, except when election time rolls around. Now that they’ve mastered the art of massive election fraud with the help of Dominion voting and counting systems, they won’t even bother campaigning for votes any the future.

    We get more like Venezuela every day.

    • Mitch has just as big a role in this junk bill as the dems. The author makes the point that this is a RINO bill. If you cannot cite the corrupt Mitch then you missed a big part of the story. He gets up to the podium and plays the hero for wasting more of our money.

  3. Trump is the real revolution which is why the deep state and its minions had to win by any means necessary.
    There won’t be any going back to normal no matter what happens in January.
    Stay uncivil and ungovernable and shove that absence of opposition to socialism unity right where the sun doesn’t shine.

    “Peace means the absence of opposition to socialism.”

    Karl Marx

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