Biden says you have to vote for him to find out if he’ll pack the Court


Democrat [socialist] Joe Biden will not tell us if he will pack the court and the media lets him get away with it. This is very serious and perhaps people aren’t thinking it through.

If these socialist/communist Democrats pack the courts with their hard-left Justices, you can kiss your free speech, religious rights, guns goodbye. That’s only the beginning. The Supreme Court is the only body of the three that protects the rights of the common man and woman.

He was asked again if he will stack the court and he gave the usual Nancy Pelosi type answer, you’ll have to vote me in to find out.

He said exactly, “You’ll know my opinion on court-packing when the election is over… The moment I answer that question, the headline in every one of your papers will be about that.”

This isn’t just any question or a good question, it’s a key question and we must have the answer. We can’t vote for someone not knowing if he’s going to destroy the Republic. Actually, we do know, him not answering is a dead giveaway.

That basically tells us all we need to know. He will stack the court with leftists and make it a political leftist government body, another legislative branch for the left, ad infinitum.


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