Hillary praises Kamala for the comment that annoyed people the most


Hillary Clinton has her supporters I’m sure, but how many could possibly like her?

She tweeted her congratulations to Kamala Harris, whose debate skills were awful, for a “masterful” performance, and then she linked to Kamala’s most obnoxious line — “I’m speaking.”

Harris was smug, snotty, arrogant, condescending, deceitful, and she engaged in smirking, eye-rolling, angry laughing, phony smiles, head shakes, general annoying facial expressions.

Could you see her dealing with Putin or Xi?

If she proved anything, she proved she’s unfit to many of us.

Hillary, unaware of how unpopular she is, came out in support of Kamala with a weak attempt at a joke — “she swatted away the lies with ease,” a reference to the fly on VP Pence’s head for two minutes.

You know the Vice President did well when all the media talks about is a fly.

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