Biden brings back mandatory critical race theory training in government


Joe Biden revoked the Trump administration order banning federal agencies, contractors, and recipients of federal funding from conducting certain diversity training. The training is anti-American and anti-white. Federal employees are forced to sit through these anti-white training sessions and accept it as gospel.

So-called civil rights groups like LAMBDA legal lauded the decision.

The training is based on critical race theory developed by Barack Obama’s mentor Dr. Derrick Bell.

Former President Donald Trump called the outrageous training “un-American” and potentially harmful to white workers. The training is supposed to be anti-racism training but it teaches racism against whites.

The Department of Labor had already suspended enforcement of the order after a California federal court granted a preliminary injunction against it in response to a lawsuit filed by Lambda Legal, an organization that advocates for the rights of LGBT people.

Writer and filmmaker Christopher Rufo has organized a coalition of lawyers to wage war against this corrupt racist theory.

One of President-elect Biden’s top Education Department nominees, Unified San Diego School District Superintendent Cindy Marten, hosted a diversity training. During the training, she gave an “extremely complimentary” introduction to its featured speaker, who has accused public schools of “spirit murdering” of Black children.


The following is a lesson to drive home just how outrageous this training is. The instructor is Ashleigh Shackleford who self-describes as a “Black fat femme, hood feminist, and a cultural producer.”

Watch her say “all white people are racist” and born into not being human. They’re not human. Whites are “devils,” “demons,” and “inhuman,” she said.

She is teaching critical race theory to mostly white people in the audience in these clips while she appears in a form-fitting bodysuit.

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Us And Them
Us And Them
3 years ago

Racist demons made her rotund?
Theory, we don’t need no stinking theory.
So what is their end game in stirring up a race war?
Finish off the looting operation while everyone is distracted hating scapegoats?
Maybe they fear that if the races ever got together it would be the end of them.

Not Sure
Not Sure
3 years ago

Wert de ferk is that spandex enormity?
What does “theory” have to do with a cush six figures pencil pushing government job?
Is that the terrible systemic racist oppression in action?
Seeing more homeless people lately with some poor sap wrapped in a blanket almost getting run over at the nearest stop light and later there was a man with an old bike and all of his belongings in a basket. Why don’t these comrades use their white privilege?

Saw some poop themed silly string at the I’d buy that for a dollar store and woman had a silence eye keel ewe ringtone which made me laugh out loud.
Peak clown Idiocracy is wildly amusing!
I’m going to need a bigger clown shoe.
Making college completely worthless is like that brilliant beer commercial, just brilliant.
LAMBDA? Are they affiliated with The Revenge of the Nerds and the epic Hotel Coral Essex beach concert?
Where is the unity? Paging the unity czar, please pick up the red hammer and sickle phone.