Biden Should Have Sent His WH Staff to Evacuate Americans & Afghans-Watch Them Remove Reporters


Biden Should Have Sent His WH Staff to Evacuate Americans & Afghans-Watch Them Remove Reporters

Another day, another no-questions answered embarrassment for Joe Biden. We should qualify that statement by saying another working day; such as they are.  

Joe, prepping for his UN speech on Tuesday, enjoyed a long vacation weekend and a leisurely noon return on Monday. Given all that, he still couldn’t muster the strength or courage to answer questions from his usually compliant press.

Watching his nervous staff of helicopter mommies and daddies executing a precise, seamless, maneuver, entailing the removal of reporters from the room got us to wondering.

Maybe he should have sent this crew over to Afghanistan. They could have led the effort to get all Americans and our Afghan allies out.

The only motivation this crew would have needed is having Joey on a Zoom call with all those pesky folks peppering him with queries.



  1. This man is a pathetic human being and the administration is disastrous to this country. This country will be in such dire straits in three years I can’t even imagine.

  2. The AM enemedia Bolshevik agitprop actually showed the border disaster and said that deportations were in progress.
    They showed some fencing (wayciss!) and some Humvees with troops but that could be anywhere and not the border.
    They Long Marchers are moving too quickly and there won’t be anything left for Newsome/Abrams in 2024.

  3. Is the DOJ planning on charging individuals trying to help those escape Afghanistan. If a person “advocates” for a foreign principle he is guilty of a FARA violation, even to the point of only contacting a Congress member. The DOJ hired 18 new prosecutors for this purpose. So, the Biden administration is more concerned with anyone helping in Afghanistan, than going against any person in the Taliban, including wanted terrorists.

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