Biden shuts down oil and gas leases in the Arctic


The Biden administration plans to suspend oil and gas leases in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge, a senior administration official confirmed Tuesday, undoing a move made by the Trump administration late last year.

The decision comes after President Joe Biden issued an executive order earlier this year instructing the Interior secretary to place a temporary moratorium on oil and gas leasing activities there, pending a review. The President’s order pointed to “alleged legal deficiencies underlying the program,” such as the “inadequacy” of its previous environmental review.

There have been endless reviews and studies.

The Trump administration last November started a leasing process for oil and gas drilling sites off the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge.

Biden will shut down our oil and gas industry even as he buys oil from the terror regime of Iran.


Director of CEI’s Center for Energy and Environment Myron Ebell said:

“In 2017, Congress passed a law ordering the executive branch to organize and execute energy exploration leases in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge. While the Trump Administration complied with the law by signing leases in January of 2021, the Biden Administration announced today it plans to cancel these contracts. Perhaps Congress will ask the Biden Administration to actually provide reasons why these legally-mandated contracts are canceled.”

CEI attorney Devin Watkins said:

“The government cannot enter into a contract to take over $14 million and then invalidate the contract without cause. No cause for canceling the ANWR leases has been provided.”

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Tim Shep
Tim Shep
2 years ago

This feeble minded buffoon is a real menace to the orderly running of this great country. We are in some dangerous times.

2 years ago

The Communist Democrats are shutting down oil and gas because they know it will shutdown America. The Democrats tried COVID, but The People finally called Bull Shit on that, so now it will be the incremental shutting down of America in the name of Climate Change. I hope we don’t have to get to $8 a gallons gasoline before The People call the Democrats out on this Bull Shit! How much damage are we going to let Democrats do before we stop them? Are we going to finally exact a couple pounds of flesh out of Democrats for their treasonous behavior? If you’re not for America First then you are a Traitor to America!

Coffee Sippy Cup
Coffee Sippy Cup
2 years ago

The Arctic is a construct of the white male capitalist pig patriarchy and will be renamed to Whitanda in the interest of unity.
Our external “allies” will happily supply any resources that we need because we have lovable ol’ Uncle Joe.