Biden signs restrictive gun bill, but mass murders continue unabated


President Biden signed a restrictive gun bill over the weekend that violates the Second Amendment. The Supreme Court has repeatedly affirmed the Constitutional right to keep and bear arms. Just last week the Supreme Court struck down a New York law that restricted concealed carry, saying there’s a constitutional right to carry a handgun in public for self-defense.

This new “Safer Communities Act” legislation simply punishes law-abiding citizens, while the wholesale slaughter of children, women, and young black men continues unabated. But that hasn’t stopped the knee-jerk Democrats and spineless Republicans from passing ineffective, restrictive, and meaningless gun laws.

Meaningless, because shootings and murders across America didn’t take a breath over the weekend when Biden signed the “sensible” gun bill. If anything, shootings intensified.

Just hours after a 5-month-old baby girl was shot in the head and killed, Biden signed his feel-good legislation that chips away at our Second Amendment rights. Congress patted themselves on the back. Meanwhile, back in predominantly black Democrat-run cities, black children, black women, and young black men were shot and killed without so much as a footnote from the president.


Just during this past weekend, there were 10 shootings that were categorized as “mass shootings,” when four or more people are shot in a single incident. More than 250 mass shootings have happened this year from Washington to New Jersey and from Minnesota to Texas. That doesn’t include shootings of fewer than four people.

In Chicago alone, 33 people were shot this weekend. Five were killed, including 5-year-old Cecilia Thomas, who was shot in the head!

Did you hear President Biden decry the senseless murder of that precious little girl? Of course not. Her murder wouldn’t have been stopped by the legislation he signed, and he knows it.


Large cities have been screaming for assistance from Biden’s administration as crime spikes following the “defund the police” movement. Law enforcement retirements and resignations skyrocketed and gutted the police force in both large cities and small towns. No-bail reforms simply put criminals right back on the street.

So critical is rampant crime that Bulkhead City, Georgia, is seeking to secede from Atlanta. The city’s leader, Bill White, discussed how crime has intensified in Bulkhead City after the Atlanta mayor voted to defund the police. “We really feel like this is a war zone,” White told Fox & Friends First. “This is murder and mayhem,” he added.

At issue is that these crimes are being committed by criminals with stolen or illegally obtained guns. No gun law will ever stop these criminals because they don’t obey our laws in the first place!


Shootings and murders are not being committed by law-abiding Constitution-loving Americans. Yet, that is exactly who Biden and Democrats (and some scared Republicans) chose to punish.

Maybe that’s why gun sales in the U.S. are on pace to exceed 16 million this year. If law enforcement cannot protect American citizens from criminals, then Americans feel they must protect themselves.

According to Ammoland Shooting Sports News, 2022 is projected to be the third-highest year for firearms sales in U.S. history. By the way, the second-highest year for gun sales was 2021. The record year was 2020, the year the “defund the police” movement started. If the police can’t protect you …

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