Biden Slurs Through His Cheat Sheet in Photo-Op with Iraq’s PM


Joe Biden used a cheat sheet in his meeting with  Prime Minister Mohammed Shyaa Al-Sudani of the Republic of Iraq and another with Prime Minister Petr Fiala of the Czech Republic. He was at his best with his usual cheat sheet that had Iraq highlighted boldly so he wouldn’t call him the PM of Iran or something.

He slurred through the cheat sheet, and aides quickly escorted reporters out so they could not ask questions.

Uncle Joe said, “As you know, Iran launched another shuhprishuhd [slurring the word “unprecedented}] aerial attack against Israel, and we mounted an unprecedented effort to defend Israel,” Biden said.

He also said he’s committed to a cease-fire. The only problem is Hamas isn’t. Oh well.

This is the photo-op where he is supposed to look reasonably put together. What do you think gets accomplished when meeting with our dementia-driven president?

He’s so rude:

No questions because he isn’t capable of answering any:

Here, he is lying and demonizing his opponent because what else can he say? He doesn’t have a record to run on.

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