Biden still can’t fill a high school gym in Michigan


The former vice president and current presidential hopeful Joe Biden still can’t fill a high school gym in Michigan when he gives a speech. It could be because he literally cannot speak.

Joe Biden has become the Democrats’ last hope to win the nomination. If they went instead with the socialist (communist) Bernie Sanders, they would officially become the socialist party. They are anyway, but they don’t want the label. Biden is set to win all six states today, securing his nomination for the presidency.

One has to wonder how many people will actually bother to vote for him. The enthusiasm is limited to small groups. Take his appearance in a high school gym which you can see below. It looks like they rounded up some students and staff, gave them signs, and told them to shout.

Watch as the camera zooms out (the media and his campaign always take tight shots), but the truth is he can’t fill a high school gym:

This was Detroit yesterday. Allegedly, he had a thousand people listening to him. That looks like an exaggeration, but there was a row a people around one wall in the gym and some protesters in the back. He brought Kamala Harris and Cory Booker with him and that could account for about 900 of the people in the audience.

Not everyone was there to salute Joe.

About a dozen protesters carrying Green New Deal signs disrupted the rally, chanting, “Joe has to go.” They were escorted out of the gymnasium.

“The Bernie Bros are here,” Biden said, telling security to let the protesters leave peacefully. “This isn’t a Trump rally.”

The far-left Detroit Free Press calls it ‘Joementum.” Catchy phrase, but he’s not.

Biden said, “Michigan, I’m counting on you in a big way,” he told the crowd of about 1,000 people at Renaissance High School. “This is a state we have to win in November. I spent a lot of time in this state.”  He told the crowd he worked side-by-side with Detroit Mayor Mike Duggan when the city was going through bankruptcy, which is a misstatement he has made before. “I’ve always believed in Detroit like I’ve always believed in Michigan.”

Yeah, sure, Joe.


If Joe becomes President, he won’t run anything. He has already announced his potential cabinet and it includes every former candidate and all of Obama’s bureaucrats. They will run the country. Unelected bureaucrats will run the government.

The people who will return to lead us are Kamala Harris, Elizabeth Warren, Pete Buttigieg, Irishman Beto O’Rourke, Valerie Jarrett, John Kerry, Susan Rice, Cory Booker, Michael Bloomberg, Anita Dunn, Tom Donilon, and so much more. It will be as if Barack Obama never left. Read the list here.

Beto is in charge of taking our guns. He’s the man who said he’d send armed law enforcement door-to-door. Warren might be in charge of the Treasury and she is a socialist, although she pretends she isn’t. Rice is the woman who lied on five Sunday news shows about Benghazi starting over a video twelve people looked at originally. Dunn quotes Stalin with teary eyes. Donilon was heavily involved in Uranium One. Kerry is a traitor. Harris locked up young black men for nothing but now promises to lock up none. Buttigieg would be in charge of trade. They must do a lot of trade with the world from little South Bend.

Biden calls it the “Normal Plan.”


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Susan Elizabeth Clemons
Susan Elizabeth Clemons
3 years ago

A room full of idiots