Biden Still Has 36% Job Approval in Latest Poll as He Destroys the US


Civiqs polling revealed Sunday that a whopping 36% of registered voters approve of Biden’s job performance. That must be his family, the criminals, the people who don’t know what’s going on, and the communists.

The crime wave, inflation, Americans stranded in Afghanistan, and 13 service members and 700 Afghans murdered in the same country. have Biden’s job performance at a 55% disapproval.

Biden’s approval among 18 to 34 years old is 28%. Among those who are 35 to 64, it’s in the high 30s. Those over 65 and older give him a 41% approval.

There is always that 9% who have no opinion. Who are these people?

Only 29 percent of white individuals approve of Biden’s performance — probably because he’s instituting anti-white racism throughout the government and schools — and 64 percent disapprove.

Black Americans, a key voting bloc for the Democrats’ insane agenda, has approval among 18 to 34 years old is at 36%. Hispanic voters have Biden at 48%. Why?

Only five states approve of Biden’s performance: California (45 – 44 percent), Hawaii (49 – 41 percent), Maryland (46 – 43 percent), Massachusetts (48 – 39 percent), and Vermont (53-36 percent).

Even New York and Illinois don’t approve.

The poll sampled 144,126 registered voters from January 20 to December 25.

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