Biden Temporarily Stopped from Destroying the USA- Judge Blocks Title 42


A federal judge in Louisiana  — Judge Robert Summerhays –temporarily blocked Title 42, the Trump-era restriction intended to halt the cross-country spread of COVID-19 at the southern border. The injunction is only temporary and it’s unlikely to change the outcome, CNN reports.

Biden is planning to end the restriction on May 23. Border agents will no longer be able to turn away illegal invaders at the border without due process. A sheriff in Texas estimates there are 500,000 waiting to pour into the country. The DHS expects up to 18,000 anonymous people to walk into the country and then disappear into the interior.

The Biden administration had hoped to end the restriction on May 23, which allows border officials to turn away migrants seeking asylum without due process in the name of curtailing COVID-19.

More than 20 states have asked the court to block the administration’s removal of Title 42, and they have even asked for the court’s immediate intervention last week.

The Justice Department opposed the request and did not immediately respond for comment.

The state of Texas has also filed a case to block the removal of Title 42, but a federal judge has not yet ruled on it.

This is only the beginning:

SPC. Bishop Evans died saving people coming illegally. shortly before he died, he saved two drug dealers. Rescuers retrieved his body today.

SPC Bishop Evans


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1 year ago

Traitor Joe don’t care what some stinking Federal Judge has to say. Traitor Joe thinks he’s KING!

1 year ago

OMG. Isn’t it time for a 10-million man march to and sit-in in DC? The White House specifically. Anti-American, alien ideologues are currently running the country into total ruin and chaos. Our inalienable right to Life, Liberty, Pursuit of Happiness is being brazenly and tyrannically violated. And what are Americans doing? Wringing our hands and bleating. What the hell does it take for Americans to get serious?