US Is a “Co-Belligerent” and “It’s Likely There Are Boots on the Ground”


James Carden, a former writer for The Nation and an adviser to State, said that a former Reagan official believes the US is already a “co-belligerent” with Ukraine and it is “likely there are US boots on the ground.” Earlier today, Putin accused the CIA of working with Ukraine’s secret service.

“We have consistently been sharing intelligence that includes information the Ukrainians can use to inform and develop their military response to Russia’s invasion,” White House spokeswoman Jen Psaki told reporters in March.

Then in April, on the 13, Biden authorized $800 million dollars in military assistance to Ukraine, bringing the total amount his administration has spent on aiding Ukraine to roughly $3 billion.

It is more concerning than that.


A Pentagon official who requested anonymity told Mr. Carden that it is “likely we have a limited footprint on the ground in Ukraine – but under Title 50, not Title 10,” meaning US intelligence operatives and paramilitaries – but not regular military.

Bruce Fein, a constitutional expert and former associate attorney general in the Ronald Reagan administration, told Carden this week that in his view, “the United States and several NATO members have become co-belligerents with Ukraine against Russia by systematic and massive assistance to its military forces to defeat Russia.”

According to Fein, the US and its NATO allies are now vulnerable to attack by “an enemy belligerent,” meaning Russia, because of their “systematic or substantial violations of a neutral’s duties of impartiality and non-participation in the conflict.”

“Neutrality,” continued Fein, “is violated by permitting a belligerent to violate its territorial integrity (as Belarus and Russia have done to Ukraine), or by supplying warships, arms, ammunition, military provisions, or other war materials, directly or indirectly, or supplying military advisers to a belligerent,” as the US has done.

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1 year ago

Traitor Joe will piss off Putin and then Putin will pull the plug on all Oil and Gas to Europe. That will plunge Europe into Depression and the only friend we might have across the pond would be England. Traitor Joe and Friends have absolutely no idea what they are doing. What’s even crazier is the WEF Globalist haven’t figured out that Traitor Joe is on the verge of screwing them. They are too busy stealing all they can in Ukraine Aid Money. In the mean time, Russia will just rake in record Oil and Gas profits with payments in Rubles. The Ruble has recovered from sanctions and is heading towards 60 to the USD. The only reason the USD isn’t completely failing is because a lot of other currencies are doing poorly, including the Euro, and the Chinese are manipulating the Yuan to keep Americans buying Chinese Goods. None of this is going to end well. The world is betting on the November Elections and Russia is OK with Record Oil Profits until then while Inflation is eating away at American buying power.

The more America props up the Ukraine Government the more stubborn and richer Russia becomes. As long as we are pouring money into Ukraine, Russia will be content to sell high priced oil.

1 year ago

Natutal News filed this report last week without sources.
USA targeting of Moskva ship is Russia’s “Pearl Harbor”, retaliation is next
It has now been revealed that the US military ran the entire operation to sink the Moskva, including running the tracking of the ship via a P-8 Poseidon surveillance aircraft, which then handed off fire solutions to the Ukrainians who were all trained by the US military as well. Thus, the United States provided the weapons, the training, the tracking and the fire solution to sink the Moskva.
By sinking the Moskva, the US just handed Putin something akin to “Russia’s Pearl Harbor moment,” in which Putin can claim to his people that the USA initiated an attack on the Russian Navy, sinking one of their ships and killing hundreds of their people. This news has, of course, been paraded all across Russian media, driving domestic support for Putin even higher than before.
Just like with Pearl Harbor in the United States, the people of Russia are now demanding “payback” from the aggressors, whom they see as the United States. In effect, the USA just handed Putin the final piece of the puzzle that he needs to launch retaliatory nuclear strikes against the West.