Biden Threatens OPEC+, Will Drain Our Reserves, Destroy Our Energy Sector


This story is very alarming and it’s true. It is happening. Biden is making the US dependent on OPEC and now threatening them with an undisclosed “arsenal of tools,” Zerohedge reports. He is also considering tapping into the nation’s Strategic Petroleum Reserve (SPR) to lower prices at the pump.

He doesn’t care that he is using reserves we need for emergencies as long as he gets a temporary boost for his poll numbers as he covertly destroys our energy sector.

Over the weekend, Biden threatened OPEC+ with an undisclosed “arsenal of tools.”

“There are other tools in the arsenal that we have to deal — and I’m dealing with other countries; at an appropriate time, I will talk about it — that we can get more energy in the — in the pipeline, figuratively and literally speaking.”

The mentioning of “arsenal of tools” came in response to whether Washington would tap the SPR as a means to flood domestic fuel markets with supply to lower prices.

Biden has begged OPEC+ to up the output as he destroys pipelines and drilling here in the US. He’s also telling investors to steer clear of fossil fuels.

OPEC+ snubbed Biden’s calls. So, what the hay tools is he going to use to convince the oil cartel?

US shale doesn’t have the support from the government or shareholders to boost production and take on OPEC+, as in the past. OPEC+ seems satisfied with current prices and is unlikely to change its stance as Biden’s tools to sway the cartel are likely laughable.

The president will probably tap the SPRs. It doesn’t solve anything. It merely presents a false image that the media will run with to make it seem as if Joe is solving the problem.

Biden will do nothing to go against the Greenshirts.

At the same time, Biden is considering closing a very important pipeline with Canada in Michigan.

This administration is dangerous and pathetic. They won’t settle for anything less than destroying our energy sector by decimating the fossil fuel industry.

These people hate America and have no common sense whatsoever. While draining our reserves, he will leave us little in the way of fuel. We are heading for a catastrophe.

He attacks the very people who can retaliate, even if he releases the reserves. What if they lower production? He’s so stupid.

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