Detective for the Prosecution Agrees with the Defense After Giving False Testimony in Rittenhouse Case


During the testimony yesterday by Det. Antaramian, the lead detective claimed the enhanced drone video shows that Rosenbaum wasn’t that close when Rittenhouse shot him. In other words, Rosenbaum did not present an actual threat to Rittenhouse’s life.

In the end, Detective Ben Antaramian agreed with the defense that Rittenhouse only shot people who were actively attacking him. Testimony today also contradicted his testimony about Rosenbaum’s proximity to Kyle Rittenhouse. The detective even falsely claimed that Rittenhouse wasn’t being chased.

That is not borne out by the evidence. The video shows the opposite as does testimony by the forensic pathologist.

Reporter McGinnis’ eyewitness testimony proves the same.

Rosenbaum had stippling and powder burns on him. The footage clearly shows Rosenbaum was nearly on top of him and did present a threat.

Keep going. There’s more.


The Mayor of Kenosha, who let it burn during the riots, is John Antaramian. The lead detective in this case is Benjamin Antaramian, his nephew.

Benjamin appears to want Kyle convicted. Benjamin was very thirsty to connect Kyle Rittenhouse to the “Kenosha Guard” Facebook page. He grilled Dominic Black about if they had seen the page or not. They desperately wanted to connect the two. They could not. Mark Zuckerberg of Facebook told this to the public twice, once on a Facebook Q and A and again in front of the U.S. Senate. There is no such connection.

Yesterday, witness Gaige Grosskreutz admitted that Rittenhouse only fired after he, Grosskreutz, aimed his Glock at him.

As for motive, Grosskreutz is has now admitted in court that he has appeared with Antifa people and chanted something like “long live the revolution” so I think that is a good enough explanation of his motives.


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