Biden to announce a 2 trillion package tonight! Socialist childcare & payoffs to teacher unions


The U.S. government spent $4 trillion of tax dollars and borrowed money, allegedly for the pandemic. They have another 2.25 trillion-plus package that only empowers the central government to increase welfare and socialist programs.

It is reported that BidenBama wants to spend ten trillion before he’s done. It will destroy the U.S. dollar and fundamentally transform us.

Tonight he will recommend spending another $2 trillion for payoffs to teacher unions and another socialist childcare program.

President Biden falsely thinks it will boost the middle class. He will unveil it on Wednesday. It’s part of the plan to reshape America.

Addressing a joint session of Congress on the eve of his 100th day in office, Biden will hail what on Tuesday he called “stunning” success in vaccinating Americans. The truth is all he basically had to do was put in an order.

He will paint himself as a leader in a global recovery since he’s a globalist.

His approval ratings are amazingly at 52% if you believe the polls.

The spending spree, dubbed the American Families Plan, will be cast as a historic move to redress economic inequality and allow millions more Americans to join the middle class.

How are we going to pay for all this? TAX THE RICH! Does anyone really believe that will work and there are enough rich people to do it???

Biden will reverse tax cuts for the rich that Donald Trump got through in 2017.

“I think what you’ll hear the president say tonight is that we really have a once in a generation opportunity right now to seize the moment, to make these investments,” White House Communications Director Kate Bedingfield said on CNN.

“Investments” are taxes.

He will keep saying “America is back” — both in recovering from the coronavirus disaster and in putting the turbulence of the Trump era behind.

When it comes to foreign policy, he “will talk about his commitment to reengaging with the world, taking America’s seat back in the world,” White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki said.

He’s a globalist selling us out to China and any other country he deems worthy.

On domestic issues, Biden will make the case for a lengthy Democratic wish list, including police reform, pro-immigrant reforms, and gun control — some of the most sensitive issues in US politics. The administration plans to federalize our local police.

And new taxes.

US presidents usually bend over backward to avoid or at least hide tax increases.

This will bring us to 8.25 trillion spent in months with $4 trillion spent under the Trump administration and a thuggish Democrat House. Biden’s cabal is not done yet. He has another 6 trillion in the hopper.


To fund this the top income tax rate would increase from 37 percent, where Trump’s plan put it, back to its pre-Trump 39.6 percent.

The Biden plan would also end loopholes and capital income tax breaks, while raising “billions,” according to the White House, in a tightened tax regime for inherited wealth.

Lastly, Biden would increase funding for the IRS tax authorities to the tune of $80 billion extra, so that they could go after high-earning tax dodgers.

Crucially for the politics of the Biden ploy, Americans earning less than $400,000 a year would face no extra taxes.

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