Sanders and Booker to rally in Louisville promoting their far-far-Left agenda


People on the right are being terrorized into not holding rallies after small numbers of people decided to rush the Capitol and misbehave with police allowing it in some cases. Officers even held doors opened for some.

Some of those rioters and others who merely trespassed are being held without bail in solitary confinement.

It’s now looking like a terrible injustice, especially since criminals and rioters of the left often have no bail for more serious crimes.

Today, we found out Bernie Sanders and Cory Booker will hold a rally in Kentucky. The left can hold rallies and if Bernie Bros or local gang members get violent, there will be little to no condemnation. The media will generally ignore it.

The rally will take place on May 2nd. It’s in Louisville where a police shooting and the entire department is under the microscope.

There are riots in Louisville and added criminal activity over it. The only reason for these two to go is to stir up trouble and to use the crisis to further a communistic agenda.

They say the agenda is to build support for the working families agenda. The working families’ agenda is not really for the blue-collar worker, but rather it’s for communism. Bernie is a committed communist regardless of how he describes himself.


This is from Fox News:

Nearly 190 cops left the Louisville Metro Police Department (LMPD) in 2020 and 43 have stepped away from the Kentucky city’s agency so far in 2021, either choosing to retire or resign altogether, as law enforcement officials struggle to recruit new members to make up for a deficit in manpower, authorities and a union spokesperson told Fox News on Tuesday.

“I would say that we’re in dire straits,” said River City Fraternal Order of Police press secretary Dave Mutchler, speaking to the current condition of LMPD staffing. Mutchler also serves as a spokesperson for the Louisville Metro Officer Union.

Statistics provided by LMPD on Tuesday show the department has hired 26 new members so far this year, while 43 have left. The 1,069-person department falls 255 people short of its “authorized strength” of 1,324 — the number of personnel it is authorized to employ, statistics show.

The same thing is happening in Minneapolis and other major cities.

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