Biden to bring back deported gang members, sex offenders, gun criminals…


The Biden cabal hired a far-left activist group to fan out into several South American countries to track down previously expelled illegals and to get them to sneak back into the U.S.

The plan to “reunite families” means tracking down criminal aliens and giving them entrée into the U.S.A. The administration hired the hard-left International Organization for Migration (IOM) to make it happen.

The Boston Globe falsely claimed President Donald Trump’s “zero tolerance” policy led to the deportations and not the fact the legal protocol for people entering the country illegally requires adults to be separated from minors because the latter cannot be held by Customs and Border Protection (CBP) for more than 72 hours.

The Globe reported:

The new program, which includes a contract with the International Organization for Migration (IOM) to help with the often-complex task of getting expelled migrants back to the United States, is a reflection of just how difficult it has been for President Biden’s administration to address a chapter in US immigration history that drew widespread condemnation.

The task force has reunited about 50 families since starting its work in late February, but there are hundreds of parents, and perhaps between 1,000 and 2,000, who were separated from their children and have not been located.

It’s not surprising. Democrats protect criminals. All they want in return is their vote. They have sanctuaries for them and eliminated many crimes. They let felons out of jail on their own recognizance, and release them from prison early. In fact, they don’t want police or prisons.

Democrats are now pushing for amnesty (and citizenship) for gang members, sex offenders, drunk drivers, and gun criminals. They rejected all amendments that would have barred them.

“On Monday, during a mark-up hearing for the Democrats’ budget reconciliation,” Breitbart News reported, “Democrats on the House Judiciary Committee voted against amendments that would prevent illegal alien gang members, convicted sex offenders, convicted drunk drivers, and those convicted of a firearm or explosive offenses from securing a green card, and eventually naturalized American citizenship, as part of the amnesty plan,” Breitbart reported.

Gang members can get amnesty. Democrats banned an amendment to prevent it. Illegal alien sex offenders will receive amnesty since Democrats rejected an amendment to ban them.

They voted down amendments that would have prevented amnesty for illegal aliens with drunk driving convictions and gun crimes.

Terrorists are okay too.

Democrats voted down an amendment requiring the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) to submit a report detailing “the potential for an alien with ties to the Taliban or an associated terrorist organization to obtain a visa” via the amnesty plan.


Many of the people coming in illegally have professionally-made signs pointing to the planned nature of the invasion. Democrats want a permanent electoral majority. Demographics will do it.

Groups behind the invasion are the usual culprits as proven time and again. It’s the UN, the ACLU, Soros-funded communist groups, and our foreign enemies such as Venezuela.

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2 years ago

Just when you think they can’t do something more insane they surprise you.

Chuck Norris vs. Bruce Lee
Chuck Norris vs. Bruce Lee
2 years ago

Was the Grand Old Politburo busy at the Chamber Of Commerce golf course? (rhetorical)
Remember Rod Smart of the now defunct XFL feetsball league who changed his name to He Hate Me, comrade chairmain Joe Chi Minh of the CPUSA/CCP fellow travelers hates us all and don’t waste time on any who can’t accept that fact.
Life is a bare knuckles brawl from the first second until the end and it is too late now to sit around and cry about it.