Biden to Invest and Build Infrastructure – Globally


Joe Biden outlined plans Sunday for a range of global infrastructure projects the U.S. aims to help finance with $200 billion in government and private sector funding. They think $200 billion for foreign infrastructure will counter similar efforts by China. Biden aims to build the globe back better.

There was nothing in it for the suffering American people.


Biden announced the global building back better efforts at the G7 summit in Germany, where he has been meeting with world leaders. The funding will be spread out over five years and come from a mix of existing federal funds, other G7 and European Union countries, and private companies and investment funds, said a senior administration official, reports NBC.

To fight China with $200 billion over five years is pretty much nothing. It’s absolutely nothing for the American worker. It does not bring back manufacturing to the US. It continues outsourcing our wealth mostly to China.

“Developing countries often lack the essential infrastructure to help navigate global shocks like a pandemic, so they feel the impacts more acutely and they have a harder time recovering in our deeply connected world,” Biden said in remarks at the summit flanked by the other G7 leaders. “That’s not just a humanitarian concern. It’s an economic and a security concern for all of us.”

China’s Belt and Road Initiative has loaned hundreds of billions to countries throughout the world. When the borrowers can’t pay back the loans, China grabs land or takes control in some other way. China bills it as charity. But, in effect, it’s another way for China to expand its power and control throughout the world.

Biden’s plan is to build up the globe but not the US.


On Twitter, Biden told Americans to “Tune in as I deliver remarks with other G7 Leaders to formally launch our Partnership for Global Infrastructure and Investment – an effort that is critical to our economic and national security.”

But, is it?


The announcement came on the first day of the G-7 summit, where the agenda was dominated by Russia’s war against Ukraine and the economic fallout from it for Western countries that have imposed a barrage of sanctions against Moscow. The U.S. and its allies said Sunday they would ban Russian gold imports. The leaders aimed to display unity in their confrontation with Russia, but an accumulation of political and economic problems at home has tested the allies’ stamina to withstand rising food and energy prices, according to the Wall Street Journal.

At the same time, the early focus on China, which is expected to carry through the G-7 gathering and the North Atlantic Treaty Organization summit in Spain on Tuesday, has threatened to expose older fault lines between Western allies, reports the Wall Street Journal.

The sanctions against Russia have seriously harmed the United States and the West, not Russia.

Last night, Mike Pompeo was on Mark Levin’s Fox Show, Life, Liberty, and Levin, and he addressed the China issue. He said China threatens the world with global domination. Yet, what was the first thing Biden did to deal with China? He sent the climate guy to speak with the Chinese and claimed this is what we want. The message is that we only want to deal with global climate change. Biden thinks it is the greatest national security threat.

It is more likely that globalism is the single greatest threat to America.


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